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Transportation > Automobiles, Trucks and Buses

On 26th November, 1832,
 Horse-drawn streetcars were first put to use in New York... Read more »

On 14th November, 1896,
 The speed limit for horseless carriages rises to 14mph... Read more »

On 10th January, 1901,
 The Automobile Club of America decided to install signage on major highways... Read more »

On 5th November, 1901,
 The motor carriage was patented by Henry Ford... Read more »

On 16th June, 1903,
 The car manufacturer known as the Ford Motor Company was founded... Read more »

On 15th March, 1906,
 Rolls Royce Limited was formed by Henry Royce and Charles Stewart Rolls... Read more »

On 6th February, 1911,
 Rolls-Royce adopted the silver winged female figurine as their automobile mascot... Read more »

On 1st May, 1917,
 William Ghiglieri patented his Traffic-Signal... Read more »

On 2nd May, 1918,
 General Motors bought The Chevrolet Motor Company... Read more »

On 18th January, 1919,
 The automobile manufacturer, Bentley Motors Limited, was founded... Read more »