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On 21st January, 1677,
 A pamphlet on smallpox became the first medical publication in the U.S.... Read more »

On 9th November, 1842,
 Printing type faces are patented by George Bruce... Read more »

On 24th May, 1844,
 Samuel Morse made the first public demonstration of the telegraph... Read more »

On 18th April, 1846,
 The telegraph ticker was patented by R. E. House... Read more »

On 9th March, 1858,
 A specialty letter box was patented by Albert Potts... Read more »

On 23rd June, 1868,
 An Improvement in Type-Writing Machines was patented... Read more »

On 7th March, 1876,
 Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for his Improvement in Telegraphy... Read more »

On 11th April, 1876,
 John C. Zachos patented his short-hand typewriter... Read more »

On 21st February, 1878,
 The world’s first telephone directory was issued in Connecticut, USA... Read more »

On 27th February, 1883,
 An improved hand-stamp was patented... Read more »