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Computer Technology

On 21st August, 1888,
 William Seward Burroughs patented his adding machine... Read more »

On 8th January, 1889,
 Herman Hollerith received a patent for his tabulating machine... Read more »

On 31st August, 1897,
 Thomas Edison received a patent for his Kinetographic Camera... Read more »

On 7th August, 1944,
 The early computer known as the Harvard Mark I, was presented to Harvard University.... Read more »

On 28th February, 1956,
 J. W. Forrester patented his Multicoordinate Digital Information Storage Device... Read more »

On 20th January, 1970,
 The Super Fight film of a fantasy boxing match between Ali and Marciano was released... Read more »

On 19th October, 1973,
 The ENIAC patent of the first digital computer is deemed invalid... Read more »

On 1st April, 1976,
 The company Apple Computer, Inc. was established.... Read more »

On 14th August, 1984,
 The operating system MS-DOS 3.0 was released by Microsoft... Read more »

On 15th July, 1985,
 The Aldus PageMaker desktop publishing program was released... Read more »