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Consumer Products

On 3rd February, 1690,
 Paper currency was first issued in what would later become the United States... Read more »

On 11th December, 1769,
 Edward Beran patented venetian blinds... Read more »

On 1st January, 1772,
 The very first traveller’s cheque was issued... Read more »

On 23rd March, 1836,
 The U.S. Mint began using a steam-powered coin press to produce coins.... Read more »

On 16th April, 1842,
 Salvin F. Kellogg patented his Air-Heating Stove... Read more »

On 18th March, 1850,
 The American Express Company was founded... Read more »

On 14th May, 1850,
 Joel Houghton patented the first dishwasher... Read more »

On 21st April, 1857,
 The bustle was first patented by Alexander Douglas... Read more »

On 2nd June, 1857,
 The first chain-stitch sewing machine was patented... Read more »

On 9th March, 1858,
 A specialty letter box was patented by Albert Potts... Read more »