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On 20th March, 1800,
 Alessandro Volta first described his voltaic pile... Read more »

On 28th January, 1807,
 Pall Mall became the first street to be lit with gas lighting... Read more »

On 29th August, 1831,
 Michael Faraday demonstrated the use of the first electric transformer... Read more »

On 24th April, 1877,
 Charles F. Brush patented his Magneto-Electric Device... Read more »

On 27th January, 1880,
 The electric light bulb was patented by Edison... Read more »

On 31st March, 1880,
 Wabash, Indiana, became the first city to use electrical lighting... Read more »

On 8th April, 1886,
 C. Gassner patented his galvanic (dry cell) battery... Read more »

On 1st May, 1888,
 Nikola Tesla received a patent for Electrical Transmission of Power... Read more »

On 10th March, 1891,
 Nikola Tesla patented his noise reducing Method of Operating Arc-Lamps... Read more »

On 29th January, 1895,
 Charles Proteus Steinmetz patented his AC power system... Read more »