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On 10th December, 1845,
 The world’s first pneumatic tyre is patented... Read more »

On 5th March, 1872,
 George Westinghouse Jr. patented his steam air brake... Read more »

On 10th October, 1893,
 Automobile number plates were first used in France... Read more »

On 3rd August, 1900,
 The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company was founded... Read more »

On 15th March, 1906,
 Rolls Royce Limited was formed by Henry Royce and Charles Stewart Rolls... Read more »

On 28th April, 1908,
 Leonard H. Dyer patented his Transmission-Gear... Read more »

On 14th April, 1914,
 A non-skid tyre was patented by Stacy G. Carkhuff... Read more »

On 27th April, 1920,
 The Air-Brake-Pump Lubricator was patented by Elijah McCoy... Read more »

On 31st March, 1932,
 The Ford Motor Company introduced their V-8 engine.... Read more »

On 26th October, 1954,
 General Motors unveiled it’s V-8 engine... Read more »