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Industrial Innovations

On 2nd May, 1670,
 The Hudson Bay Company(HBC) was given a Royal Charter... Read more »

On 15th April, 1770,
 Edward Nairne began selling vegetable gum erasers... Read more »

On 14th March, 1794,
 Eli Whitney patented his Cotton Gin machinery, which removed seeds from cotton... Read more »

On 25th January, 1799,
 An early seed planting machine was patented by Eliakim Spooner... Read more »

On 11th March, 1811,
 The Luddites made their first attack on knitting frames in Nottingham, England.... Read more »

On 31st October, 1815,
 The miner’s safety lamp was patented... Read more »

On 3rd March, 1821,
 Thomas Jennings received a patent for the dry scouring of clothes... Read more »

On 17th June, 1823,
 Charles Macintosh patented his waterproof material... Read more »

On 21st June, 1834,
 A horse-drawn mechanical reaper was patented by Cyrus McCormick... Read more »

On 20th April, 1837,
 E. B. Bigelow received his first patent for a power loom... Read more »