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Measurement Devices

On 11th June, 1644,
 Torricelli first described his innovative work with barometers... Read more »

On 14th July, 1868,
 Alvin J. Fellows patented his Improvement in Tape Measures... Read more »

On 9th February, 1870,
 The Weather Bureau of the U.S. (now the NWS) was formed... Read more »

On 16th October, 1923,
 John Harwood received a patent for his self winding watch... Read more »

On 8th January, 1935,
 Arthur C. Hardy received a patent for his early Spectrophotometer... Read more »

On 3rd January, 1957,
 The world’s first electric watch was announced by Hamilton... Read more »

On 1st April, 1960,
 The first weather observation satellite was launched, producing the first TV images from space... Read more »

On 15th April, 2007,
 Scientists announced their use of what may be the world’s smallest eyedropper... Read more »