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On 30th March, 1842,
 The anaesthetic, ether, was first used during surgery.... Read more »

On 27th December, 1845,
 Ether was first used during childbirth in the U.S.... Read more »

On 6th July, 1885,
 Louis Pasteur first administered his rabies vaccine... Read more »

On 11th January, 1922,
 Insulin was first used to treat diabetes... Read more »

On 7th April, 1923,
 The first surgery to remove a brain tumour using a local anaesthetic was performed... Read more »

On 4th October, 1949,
 An antibiotic for typhoid was patented... Read more »

On 11th January, 1955,
 Lloyd H. Conover patented the antibiotic, Tetracycline... Read more »

On 24th July, 1956,
 A successful form of oral penicillin was patented by Brandl and Margreiter... Read more »

On 9th May, 1960,
 It was announced that the contraceptive pill would be approved for use... Read more »

On 6th January, 1971,
 The first synthetic human growth hormone (hGH) was announced... Read more »