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Photography & Film

On 19th February, 1856,
 The tin type camera was patented by Hamilton L. Smith... Read more »

On 5th February, 1861,
 Samuel D. Goodale received a patent for his Stereoscope moving picture device... Read more »

On 23rd April, 1867,
 The Zoetrope, an early motion picture device, was patented... Read more »

On 4th September, 1888,
 George Eastman received a patent for his ground-breaking Camera... Read more »

On 5th January, 1892,
 The first successful photographs of Auroras were made... Read more »

On 9th January, 1894,
 Edison’s Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze silent film was released... Read more »

On 26th March, 1895,
 The Phantoscope motion picture projector was patented... Read more »

On 31st August, 1897,
 Thomas Edison received a patent for his Kinetographic Camera... Read more »

On 21st December, 1914,
 The first feature length silent film comedy was released.... Read more »

On 20th January, 1929,
 The first talkie filmed outdoors was released... Read more »