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When things go wrong > Railway Accidents

On 9th July, 1918,
 One of the worst railways accidents in US history occurred... Read more »

On 16th January, 1944,
 A train crash in the Torro Tunnel of Leon, Spain, claims over 500 lives... Read more »

On 2nd March, 1944,
 A stalled train inside a tunnel near Salerno, Italy, produced fumes which suffocated 521 passengers... Read more »

On 4th December, 1957,
 Two trains collided near St John’s station in England, killing 92 people... Read more »

On 1st February, 1970,
 An express train crash in Beunos Aires, Argentina killed over 200 people... Read more »

On 3rd February, 1998,
 A US military jet accidentally sliced open a cable, causing the deaths of 20 cable car passengers... Read more »

On 18th February, 2004,
 A train derailed and exploded in Iran, killing over 200 people... Read more »

On 22nd April, 2004,
 A train collision in North Korea killed or injured as many as 3,000 people... Read more »