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Sound & Music

On 9th October, 1855,
 Joshua Stoddard patented the calliope... Read more »

On 19th February, 1878,
 Thomas Edison patented his Phonograph, which recorded and played back sounds... Read more »

On 4th May, 1886,
 An improvement in Recording and Reproducing Speech and Other Sounds was patented... Read more »

On 23rd November, 1889,
 The first fore-runner to the jukebox was installed... Read more »

On 8th June, 1915,
 Thomas Edison patented his sound-recording apparatus... Read more »

On 12th November, 1931,
 The Abbey Road recording studios opened their doors... Read more »

On 24th April, 1935,
 The first electric organ was patented by L. Hammond... Read more »

On 13th June, 1944,
 A new form of magnetic recording was patented by M. Camras... Read more »

On 23rd October, 2001,
 Apple unveils the iPod digital music player... Read more »