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Space & Astonomy

On 7th January, 1610,
 Jupiter’s second largest moon, Callisto, was discovered by Galileo Galilei... Read more »

On 9th March, 1611,
 Sunspots were observed for the first time by Dutch astronomer Johannes Fabricius... Read more »

On 21st March, 1684,
 Astronomer Giovanni Cassini discovered one of Jupiter’s moons, Dione... Read more »

On 13th March, 1781,
 The planet Uranus was discovered by William Herschel... Read more »

On 11th January, 1787,
 Two moons of Uranus are discovered by William Herschel... Read more »

On 28th March, 1802,
 The second asteroid to be discovered, 2 Pallas, was first observed... Read more »

On 29th March, 1807,
 The Vesta 4 asteroid was discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Matthaus Olbers... Read more »

On 31st January, 1862,
 Alvin Clark became the first to observe a white dwarf star... Read more »

On 12th March, 1871,
 Robert Luther discovered asteroid 113 Amalthea... Read more »

On 12th August, 1877,
 Asaph Hall discovered Deimos, one of the moons of planet Mars... Read more »