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Tools & Equipment

On 15th April, 1770,
 Edward Nairne began selling vegetable gum erasers... Read more »

On 25th April, 1792,
 The first execution by guillotine was made... Read more »

On 23rd March, 1836,
 The U.S. Mint began using a steam-powered coin press to produce coins.... Read more »

On 16th November, 1841,
 An early design of a life preserver (life jacket) was patented... Read more »

On 21st February, 1842,
 J. J. Greenough received the first American patent for a sewing machine... Read more »

On 30th March, 1843,
 Napoleon E. Guerin received a patent for an oven used to near young chicks... Read more »

On 10th April, 1845,
 A power loom for weaving gingham and other fabrics was patented... Read more »

On 6th May, 1851,
 Linus Yale Jr. patented his Lock and Key... Read more »

On 7th March, 1854,
 Charles Miller patented improvements in the sewing machine... Read more »

On 10th February, 1863,
 Alanson Crane patented the fire extinguisher... Read more »