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Tools & Equipment

On 4th April, 1871,
 Mary Florence Potts received a patent for her Improvement in Sad-Irons... Read more »

On 30th May, 1871,
 James Boyd patented his rubber lined fire engine hose... Read more »

On 26th March, 1872,
 Thomas J. Martin patented an unusual Improvement in Fire-Extinguishers.... Read more »

On 21st April, 1878,
 The first U.S. fireman’s sliding pole was installed... Read more »

On 7th May, 1878,
 Joseph R. Winters patented his improvement in fire escape ladders... Read more »

On 8th April, 1879,
 An Improved Fire-Escape Ladder was patented by J. Winters... Read more »

On 26th April, 1881,
 A fold-away Life-Raft was patented by Frederick S. Allen... Read more »

On 27th February, 1883,
 Oscar Hammerstein patented a machine that applied wrappers to cigars... Read more »

On 27th February, 1883,
 An improved hand-stamp was patented... Read more »

On 24th February, 1885,
 Benjamin J. Smith patented a specialty hole punch... Read more »