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Tools & Equipment

On 30th October, 1888,
 The fore-runner to the ballpoint pen was patented... Read more »

On 20th August, 1889,
 Australian Arthur James Arnot patented the first electric drill... Read more »

On 10th January, 1893,
 Thomas Laine patented an electric gas lighter... Read more »

On 12th June, 1897,
 Karl Elsener first patented the Swiss army knife... Read more »

On 30th August, 1901,
 The first powered vacuum cleaner was patented by Hubert Cecil Booth... Read more »

On 17th February, 1903,
 An early two-way mirror was patented by Emil Bloch... Read more »

On 23rd December, 1906,
 The first surf life-saving reel was demonstrated... Read more »

On 9th September, 1913,
 Robert Owen Jr. received a patent for his Double-Acting (Ratchet) Wrench... Read more »

On 14th April, 1914,
 A non-skid tyre was patented by Stacy G. Carkhuff... Read more »

On 19th April, 1919,
 The first free-fall parachute jump using a backpack was made... Read more »