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On 27th August, 1784,
 James Tytler made Britain’s first manned hot air balloon flight... Read more »

On 1st February, 1788,
 Briggs and Longstreet patented an improvement in steamboats... Read more »

On 26th July, 1803,
 The first public railway for the transportation of goods was opened... Read more »

On 25th March, 1807,
 The first railway service to transport passengers was established... Read more »

On 26th June, 1819,
 W.K. Clarkson patented an improved velocipede (bicycle)... Read more »

On 26th November, 1832,
 Horse-drawn streetcars were first put to use in New York... Read more »

On 20th July, 1837,
 Euston railway station in England was first opened... Read more »

On 19th July, 1843,
 The SS Great Britain was launched... Read more »

On 10th December, 1845,
 The world’s first pneumatic tyre is patented... Read more »

On 31st May, 1847,
 The Rotterdam-Hague railway line was opened... Read more »