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Transportation > Aviation

On 27th August, 1784,
 James Tytler made Britain’s first manned hot air balloon flight... Read more »

On 20th February, 1900,
 John F. Pickering patented his Air-Ship... Read more »

On 2nd July, 1900,
 Zeppelin achieved the first successful flight of his LZ-1 rigid airship... Read more »

On 15th March, 1906,
 Rolls Royce Limited was formed by Henry Royce and Charles Stewart Rolls... Read more »

On 22nd May, 1906,
 The Wright Brothers patented their Flying Machine... Read more »

On 28th March, 1910,
 The first successful seaplane was flown by it’s inventor, Henri Fabre... Read more »

On 19th April, 1919,
 The first free-fall parachute jump using a backpack was made... Read more »

On 2nd November, 1922,
 The Australian airliner, Qantas, began operation... Read more »

On 8th February, 1933,
 The Boeing Model 247 aircraft first took to the sky... Read more »

On 19th January, 1937,
 Howard Hughes set a new transcontinental air speed record.... Read more »