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TV & Entertainment

On 31st August, 1897,
 Thomas Edison received a patent for his Kinetographic Camera... Read more »

On 18th June, 1908,
 The concept of an electronic television system was first published... Read more »

On 18th November, 1929,
 Vladimir Zworykin first demonstrated his kinescope... Read more »

On 22nd March, 1935,
 Germany’s first regular electronic television service began... Read more »

On 1st September, 1939,
 The BBC stopped television broadcasting with the onset of WW2... Read more »

On 1st June, 1946,
 Britain introduced the first television licenses to the public... Read more »

On 7th September, 1948,
 Louis W. Parker obtained a patent for his Television Receiver... Read more »

On 6th April, 1954,
 The first successful TV Dinner was first sold in the US by Swanson & Sons... Read more »

On 2nd September, 1958,
 China’s first television station began broadcasting... Read more »

On 1st April, 1960,
 The first weather observation satellite was launched, producing the first TV images from space... Read more »