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Weapons & Warfare

On 22nd July, 1298,
 Schiltrons were first used by Sir William Wallace... Read more »

On 15th May, 1718,
 The first machine gun was patented by James Puckle... Read more »

On 25th April, 1792,
 The first execution by guillotine was made... Read more »

On 22nd December, 1810,
 HMS Minotaur was shipwrecked, with a loss of over 370 men... Read more »

On 25th February, 1836,
 Samuel Colt patented his revolver in the U.S.... Read more »

On 29th December, 1860,
 The revolutionary warship, HMS Warrior, was launched... Read more »

On 7th May, 1867,
 Alfred Nobel patented his invention of dynamite... Read more »

On 12th June, 1897,
 Karl Elsener first patented the Swiss army knife... Read more »

On 10th February, 1906,
 Britain’s revolutionary HMS Dreadnought battleship was launched... Read more »

On 18th January, 1911,
 Eugene Ely made the first shipboard aircraft landing... Read more »