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When things go wrong

On 15th June, 1904,
 The General Slocum steamship sank, killing 1,021 people... Read more »

On 22nd January, 1906,
 The SS Valencia struck a reef near Vancouver Island, claiming over 100 lives... Read more »

On 10th March, 1906,
 The Courrieres mine disaster in France killed over 1000 people... Read more »

On 6th December, 1907,
 The worst mining disaster in American history occurred... Read more »

On 25th March, 1911,
 The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in N.Y.C. killed 146 employees... Read more »

On 15th April, 1912,
 RMS Titanic sank after hitting an iceberg, claiming over 1,500 lives... Read more »

On 29th May, 1914,
 RMS Empress of Ireland sank, claiming over 1,000 lives... Read more »

On 19th January, 1917,
 An explosion of TNT occurred at an ammunitions factory in Silvertown, England... Read more »

On 26th February, 1918,
 A fire at the Happy Valley Horse Racing Track in Hong Kong killed close to 600 people... Read more »

On 9th July, 1918,
 One of the worst railways accidents in US history occurred... Read more »